Zon Tripod, 3 x sizes available

Tripod Height
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Zon Tripod, 3 x sizes available


 Allows the device to rate 50-70 degrees with each firing, doubling the effectiveness of the unit.

Higher placement of the Birdscarer amplifies the sound.

The tripod is shown with a Zon Birdscarer in use with it.

This tripod is designed to be used with both the Zon EL08 electronic and MK4 Birdscarer

Tripods double the effective area of the zon, they create a more effective shot and sound variation that helps confuse and frighten the birds.

3 Models
Standard Tripod - device at 1.25 metres.
Intermediate Tripod - 1.8 metres.
High Rise Tripod - 2.3 metres.