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Click on chart of designs to enlarge and view available shapes, then select required shape number from drop down list.

Due to the complexity and difficulty to manufacture, certain shapes have a higher cost. Use the drop down list to view pricing.

Please take note, from August through to December is the Docking/Tailing season, during this time we are very busy, if we don't have your design of earmarker in stock we will need to manufacture it and this can take up to 3 weeks. If you require your earmarker urgently please ring us before ordering to discuss your options.

 The Electro-tek Earmarker is a precision instrument designed specifically for animal identification marking, the result of years of accumulated experience in the manufacture of livestock earmarking pliers The use of Stainless Steel handles, hardened steel cutters and the skill of dedicated operators, has produced a quality product, comfortable in the hand, with a cut to the exact design specifications of The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries N.Z. or from any other chart or personal design supplied.

Refurbishing and sharpening of all Brands Available

Australian Earmarker Designs available

Make the job so much easier with a nice new sharp set of notchers!

We manufacture and supply to all Australian States, Companies and Boards. We are also manufacturers of Combination marks for cattle and sheep, and Hormone growth promoting (HGP) and Spey marks.